Simplify your billing

Simplify your billing

Your billing becomes your best asset

Setting up your CFAST allows you to gain peace of mind. Your CDRs are processed daily, you create your entire product catalogue and you invoice your subscriptions, service access fees, materials and services in a single tool.

Invoices are checked and sent en masse and you can manage your business much more easily.

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logiciel gestion CDR

Manage your CDR

Everything is designed to make your work easier. You have all the control tables (purchase, margin, CDR errors). Invoice your CDRs on the basis of a price scale or a coefficient. Focus on the sale and not your invoicing tool.

Our offers are adapted to your reality and allow you to reach your objectives.

Control your business

Find all the statistics you need: by customer, by department, by supplier.

Control your purchases and supplier invoicing in your telecom billing software

Logiciel facturation télécom