Our Story

Our Story

An evolving software

Our adventure began in 2008. A group of professionals met to discuss their business and the challenges ahead. They decided to launch a large-scale project and founded Gestion Systèmes Télécoms (GST) to create a management tool that did not exist on the market.

After a period of reflection, discussion and development, CFAST (Commande et Facturation aux Abonnements de Services Télécoms) was born. Since then, it has never stopped working to satisfy the customer operators.

Now 100% independent (no operator in the capital), we are based in Dijon and composed of a team of 10+ people.

But our history is above all that of our customers who started with VGA and now offer the latest technologies (5G, SIP, Centrex, FttX…). We are proud to accompany them in their new challenges.

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Personalized support to create YOUR solution

Take advantage of our expertise to develop your CFAST. Together, we analyse the different situations and establish a diagnosis. Then we configure our tailor-made management tool so that it becomes yours.
Once set up, and throughout your use, we remain at your side to support, advise and guide you for an optimal use of your CFAST through a personalized telephone support.

Choose your features
Compose your CFAST according to your project and your needs.
Un accompagnement dédié
Dedicated support
Une véritable expérience opérateur
A real operator experience
Des développements sur-mesure
Tailor-made developments

A demanding "security" commitment (Service Level Agreement)

We build a relationship of trust with our user operators. Whether they are looking for a telecom billing solution, a control system or wish to set up a high value-added ecosystem, our commitment is to make them work in the best conditions.

Security of operations
We make all necessary backups and store a copy of these backups. You will never lose your data.
Access protection
Access to the server rooms is regulated and protected. Only an authorised team will be allowed to enter the server room.
Une architecture réseau de haute qualité
High quality network architecture
Data privacy
We take all necessary measures to ensure the protection and confidentiality of the data and files hosted.
Secure facilities
The power supply is corrugated and backed up. We also installed all the heating and ventilation systems and laid the cables under the floor.

The values that drive us

Building a relationship of trust with our clients and digital professionals requires that all employees adhere to common values.
We have brought together all our employees to define, together, what binds us.

The Team
The well-being of the employees and the unity of the group came out strongly as the values that everyone wants to convey on a daily basis.
Our work
In a sector in constant metamorphosis (FTTx, Centrex, end of PSTN, 5G, RLaH to name the most recent) we need to be proactive and creative.
Our Product
Through proactive and creative work, our employees have found that this should always be aimed at software excellence. Flexibility is also a daily aspect of our work in order to put tailor-made projects into production.
Our Offer
Since 2008, we have been called upon to work on innovative projects that require our expertise and support.
Our Users
We have a very strong relationship with our customers who trust us. Whether it is during the commercial phase, training, upgrades or support, we do everything possible to ensure clear and respectful communication.