CDR rating system

CDR rating system

CDR rating ?

CDR management is more than a job. It is our know-how.

The stakes are high because poor management of CDR tickets inevitably leads to truncated invoicing. Every month it is a race against time, the fight against human error, it is taking the risk of failed calculations and unhappy customers…

At CFAST, we concentrate the accumulated know-how of our founders, partners because we have all faced difficulties related to the management of CDR tickets:

🚀 Different CDR formats according to the operators’ suppliers
🚀 Millions of minutes to bill
🚀 Valuation problems
🚀 Package mechanics to manage
🚀 Unprocessed destinations
🚀 Long manual processing
🚀 Resale of CDRs
🚀 A business case by supplier

CFAST solves the problems related to CDR management by developing a system whose simple appearance is based on an impressive technical finesse.

CFAST, your CDR ticket management solution, collects the various CDR files from your supplier operators (on FTP servers, web services or APIs).

CFAST scans all accounts every hour to integrate the latest CDR tickets made available by the provider. With each ticket received, CFAST puts the puzzle back together:

🚀 From which supplier does this CDR ticket come from?
🚀 To which customer does the issuing phone number belong?
🚀 To which destination?
🚀 Which tariff schedule is applied?
🚀 Are there any specific derogations, package or off-package mechanics?
🚀 Is there a suspicion of anomaly and therefore of piracy (read our post)?
🚀 Has this number been resold?

At the end of this permanent analysis, CFAST gives you back the qualified files or makes them available to your partner operators (on their CFAST or on an FTP server). You invoice with complete peace of mind.

Our success is to simplify your life, you have enough to do with the development and management of your company. With our expertise in terms of CDR billing, gain in productivity and achieve your turnover, without any false notes.